Why Etheric Journeys?

I long wanted to do it but there was no courage nor time. 

Now the will and feel it's the right time overlapped the courage and lack of time. 

This is a diary of my astral and / or etheric travel. 

Has a delay of over a year but it seems to me very up to date.

They are short stories that I hope will inspire others with the same enchantment and magic that I feel the very same that exists in the world of Spirit. 

What I do anyone can do and want to make clear that I'm just someone who believes in LOVE and its manifestations. 

The human aura, or at least a part of it, is a vehicle for the 5th Dimension. We all know how to use it even if unconsciously. 

To do it consciously just lose the fear and fly. 

Note: the conversations and descriptions are truncated because there are personal things too... just what can be useful to all is revealed.
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