Sunday, 20 April 2014

Mothership of MU - Welcome Home


Breathing deeply and always rising ... always the same way I arrive to MU.
I see a huge hall with a different light that seems to come from all sides, is a palpable light. I see tiny human forms there in the background. Chatting in small groups.
There is a very bright light amethyst approaching. This form and color is strangely familiar to me.
He tell me:
- Glad you 're here, we waited for you a long time.
I'm confused because finally recognize Him and how I was educated to respect Him as the Son of God, I am indecisive and embarrassed.
He notices and tells me immediately ( and the way it says puts me at ease ) [ 1 ] :
- We are brothers !
He take me to visit the ship, is round and around this hall there are numerous small rooms that serve various purposes. These rooms have windows through which we see the space ... and the Earth!
I am moved and feel like I'm Home [ 2 ] .
[ 1 ] He hold me and our auras mingle and merge ... I think it helps to raise my energy and to open my mind. The feeling that overwhelms me is unspeakable. Sananda is a Loving Being as there no other. :)
[ 2 ] This went on for over a year, sometime in January 2013, and only recently read the Telos III Aurelia Louise Jones realized this is the mothership of MU.  
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