Monday, 28 April 2014

Mothership of Mu - The Masters Crystals

I realized, at the Dome of the living Herbarium, that Crystals played an important role on this ship.

Having been in other situations, and elsewhere, in the presence of towering crystals, I wasn't much surprised.

There are several rooms that contain crystals and wonderful gems that manage Nave MU.

The control of the energy used in transportation of ship is completely done by a Grand Master Crystal which among other things reverses the gravitational polarity, that means it cancels gravity.

How you shall calculate, for a ship of the size of a small country, this is quite important.

It is also linked to the manufacturing source of free energy, is under it. Also have a spherical form and it's in constant communication with all other Master Crystals of the ship.

These, in turn, are connected to other smaller crystals, and so forth, as if it were a big spider web, composed of increasingly small and thin wires.

Smaller crystals are embedded in the material that is made the ship and treat it, keeping it a youthful and balanced material.

All this is achieved due to special electromagnetic fields, using a particular frequency energy.

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