Saturday, 26 April 2014

Mothership of MU - The Magnetic Dome of the Live Herbarium

Led me to a large room with a very high crystalline vault, in which neither large trees or herbal can touch.
Best observing the summit or dome, I see that the colored lightning run, something like an Aurora Borealis.
Inside a small greenhouse volunteers treat of small plants. Apply them magnetic fields in a mushroom shape with the help of a " crystalline " machine.
These seedlings are thus strengthened before being transplanted. Explain to me that the summit maintain the same level of magnetism of the Earth and thus the health of plants is preserved. Then there are aquatic plants, has a pond with a waterfall and there are plants whose roots are in a good black earth .
The lake water is also treated with magnetism and, in special cases, used for crew and visitors treatments .
This room is an important part of the life support of the beings that live in the Mothership of MU. It is also a kind of living library of many species of plants that have been abused and modified in our planet.
They tell me that the " crystalline " machine works due to crystals which maintain and nourish all herbal life and therefore all life on this ship . Even the material of which the Mothership of MU is taken is maintained by them.
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